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Veterinarian Inspired Coverage 

AVMA Life (formerly known as AVMA GHLIT)

AVMA Life is the Life & Disability Insurance Trust for the AVMA. Scott Purves is the only Authorized Representative for AVMA Life at UC Davis and in greater Northern California. This gives our agency an exclusive offering of Life and Disability insurance products to Veterinarians, graduates and Vet students.

For Veterinary Practices, Hospitals and Clinics

At no cost to our Vet Medicine clients, we offer a complete online employee benefits administration system called EaseCentral.  The system allows employees to make their elections at open enrollment, to search provider directories, and to evaluate cost options as well as enroll in employee-paid optional benefits.  With our mobile App, they can even make these decisions at home, on their phones, with their spouse – where these kinds of decisions are best made.  See the video below for more information!

Our agency represents ALL of the major California insurers for Health, Dental, Vision, Life & Disability Insurance and optional, employee-paid benefits.

The Grad Guarantee

For professionals, disability insurance is a financial necessity. However, because these policies are medically and financially underwritten, some people will not qualify for a policy due to health conditions.  Here is where we come in.

AVMA Life offers every Vet Grad the opportunity to buy a policy with guaranteed acceptance at the time of their graduation.  There is NOTHING like this anywhere else in the insurance business.   Anywhere. Purves & Associates Insurance has built a relationship with the AVMA Life Trust, and we know what is best for Vet Grads.

AVMA Lift Trust is in the business of caring for its members. They have successfully covered Veterinarians for over 60 years, and the Grad Guarantee program is a big part of that success.  You can find more information about the program here.

Vet Students – No Cost Life Insurance

Here is more good news: Vets have more than one option. AVMA Life offers $25,000 of Life Insurance at no cost to all SCAVMA members in good standing.  You can sign up online, choose your beneficiary, and never pay a dime for the coverage.  It is one more way that AVMA Life is proving that it truly is Veterinarian Inspired Coverage.


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