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Vote in the Measure A election
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If you haven’t voted in the Davis Measure A election yet, time is running out.

How to vote

Ballots are due by 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Ballots can be dropped off in a specially marked box at the library at 315 E. 14th St. in Davis, or at the county elections office, Room B-05 at the County Administration Building, 625 Court St. in Woodland.

Remember that there are no neighborhood polling places in this election – it’s all vote by mail, so you will not be able to drop your ballot off at a neighborhood polling place.

What’s Measure A?

In response to severe budget pressures, the Davis Joint Unified School District is seeking an additional $200 parcel tax on Davis properties.

If Measure A passes, it will only be allowed to be used for:

  • Continued availability of classes in core subjects such as science and history
  • Continued reduced class sizes for K-6 and English and math classes
  • Continued availability of multiple foreign language programs
  • Continued availability of elective course offerings such as art and career/technical education
  • Retaining counseling staff
  • Continued availability of school site safety and support staff

The measure cannot pass without the approval of two-thirds of voters.

The Yolo County Elections website has the full text of Measure A, along with analysis and ballot arguments.

Davis Media Access sat down and recorded 10-minute videos for each side of the Measure A debate. Watch them here.