Important School Safety Tips

As we welcome in another school year, it is important that we remind ourselves of the basic safety precautions to take. The roads inherently become more dangerous as parents are rushing to drop their children off for class. Gathered are some helpful tips to keep every member of your family safe, whether they are walking Read More

Do I have Earthquake Insurance?

No, you don’t. Ok, more accurately, unless you specifically remember buying it, you didn’t buy it. There are 2 big exclusions on a Homeowner’s policy that people worry about and wish they had, but typically don’t buy due to price.  Those two coverages: earthquake and flood.  Earthquake is a coverage that can be added to Read More

SeeChange Health withdraws from CA

In an unexpected move today, SeeChange Health announced it will be pulling out of California and Colorado.  (See their announcement here) This is both interesting and telling with regards to CA’s health insurance marketplace.  First, the move is interesting because SeeChange only entered California in 2010.  Also, they were one of the more creative and Read More