Distracted Driving: The Dark Dangers

Distracted driving may be more dangerous than you think. Precious seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Highway experts blame distracted driving for an estimated 80 percent of all car accidents. That means with just a few more seconds with your eyes on the road, instead of anywhere else, we could eliminate 80 Read More

When & Why Do You Need Event Insurance?

It may be confusing at times, but event insurance is a necessary lifeline for planners looking to keep themselves out of court. Event planners often find themselves wrestling with the idea of special event insurance. They’re usually thinking, what are the odds of something happening, or what do I even insure? Whether it’s an intimate Read More

Rethink Your Stance on Earthquake Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Living in California is a rather risky thing, especially when you are not covered by earthquake insurance in Sacramento, CA. Only 17 percent of Californian homeowners have their homes covered by earthquake insurance. Are the other 83 percent of Californians in denial or are they making a financially rational decision? Unless you’ve experienced a big Read More

3 Myths About Flood Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Many people think their homeowners insurance policy will cover them in the case of a flood when in fact the only way to protect against a flood is to have flood insurance in Sacramento, CA. If your home is damaged in a flood, are you covered? That depends on the value of your home, the level Read More

What a Ticket Can Do to Your Auto Insurance in Sacramento, CA

One infraction may not seem like a big a deal to you, but it can put quite the dent on your auto insurance in Sacramento, CA Other than forgetting to wear a seat belt, there is no such thing as a minor infraction. Anything else for which you get pulled over for might increase your Read More