Dividing Up Housework Fairly

Chores are what keep a place from looking like a pigsty, but doing all of the chores can become draining and tiresome, so it’s important to divide the housework up fairly. Times have changed; while there is nothing wrong with the old division of labor (i.e. the man working full-time outside of the home and Read More

3 Tips for Your Dog to Live in Your Apartment

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t own a dog–it does mean, however, you need to responsible. Many families have turned to smaller places to live save money thanks to the downturn of the housing market. As far as roommates go, dogs seem to me one of the most agreeable cohabitants Read More

Questions to Ask About Equipment Insurance

Whether you’re a photographer, DJ, cleaner, or any person with professional equipment, you need equipment insurance in Sacramento, CA to cover the costs of repair or replacement.  If you are someone that carries around professional equipment, then you know that that stuff you carry around isn’t exactly on the cheap end of the cost spectrum. Read More

Liability for Your Nonprofit Organization?

Nonprofit organizations and their volunteers work together on just causes, but who is in charge when the word “liability” pops up?  A parent focuses their attention on a phone call when their child is in a crowded swimming pool; a driver makes the decision to try and make a yellow light with a sudden burst of Read More

Wildfire Concerns and Buying a House

If you are buying a home in the foothills or mountains, the surrounding wildfire risk could present you with an insurance surprise, and not the good kind.  We’ll help you understand the reasons why brush risk can increase the cost of insurance, the potential problems areas and how to avoid those problems. The Effect on Read More

What Can You Expect From Special Events Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Whether it’s going to be a relaxing event or one that’ll be remembered forever, you shouldn’t have to put any limits on fun at your event with special events insurance in Sacramento, CA. Special event insurance can be used to cover quite a number of things besides weddings: 50th-anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, Quinceañeras, and Read More

Do I Need Photographer’s Insurance in Sacramento, CA?

Camera gear and equipment can be quite expensive to replace, so to minimize your financial burden it’s best to have your camera gear insured. When tragedy strikes and you lose or damage a piece of photographic equipment, the price to repair or replace them can be very taxing–both on your wallet and your emotions. On Read More