How to Keep Your Appliances Running Longer

Keep your home appliances in tip-top shape with these great tips and keep your home safe with a quality home insurance policy in Sacramento, CA. Your appliances accent your home and add life and functionality to your home. They are also very expensive machines that are difficult to replace but essential to making your home, Read More

The Value of an Independent Agent vs. a Direct Writer

Independent agents treat you like a part of their family, so if being treated like a human being is important to you, you may want to continue reading. There are two main ways in which you can acquire insurance: through a direct writer–directly from companies like State Farm, All State, Farmers, etc.–or you can acquire Read More

Does My Commercial Building Need Earthquake Insurance?

We know that earthquake insurance covers homes, but will it cover your commercial building? Catastrophic earthquake disasters happen only in select regions of the country, which are located by the faults–most notably the San Andreas fault. If your business lies around this area, any earthquake may crumple it to the ground. Earthquake insurance will financially Read More

What to Consider When Buying Earthquake Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Earthquakes have the potential to completely devastate your home. Here’s a look at what you should know about earthquake insurance in Sacramento, CA. Earthquake insurance covers some of the losses and damage that an earthquake can cause to your home, assets, and other buildings in your property. Unlike homeowners insurance, which is required if you Read More

Conquering Your Fears: The Science Behind How You Can Live a More Courageous Life

Fear can cripple a human being from doing what an average person would consider an easy task. Conquering your fears and living a more courageous life will lead to a better life. “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible.” Aristotle believed courage was the key ingredient to living a virtuous Read More

Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Earthquakes are terrifying natural disasters that put your life at risk, so it’s important you know earthquake preparedness safety tips. An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth’s crust caused by the shifting of the tectonic plates which make up the surface of the planet. There is no detection system, meaning they come Read More