Can Homeowners Prevent Property Crimes?

Homeowners, in their endless quest to make their home as comfortable as possible, may inadvertently invite criminals to execute theft in their homes. How can they prevent these property crimes? You want your home to be as comfortable as possible for you and your family and friends. But these habits of cleanliness and organization may Read More

What to Know Regarding Gas Station Insurance

There are many kinds of insurance for gas stations, even those that do or do not have a convenience store. If your gas station has a car wash or garage service, there are many policies that can help you find the necessary gas station insurance in Sacramento. Here are the gas station policies that your Read More

Flood Insurance Q&A

Concern over the Oroville dam, the levee system in the Sacramento Valley and a very wet season has naturally generated a lot of questions about flood insurance.  This quick Q&A will answer the most commonly asked questions about Flood Insurance. Q: Does my Homeowner’s policy cover flood damage? A: NO!  This is true for Homeowner’s Read More

What ISN’T Covered by General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance in Davis can cover you from having to deal with liability from many incidents, but it also pays to know what isn’t covered by general liability.  General liability financially protects you from accidents which were allegedly your fault and pays for the damage done to the other person. People who have general liability insurance Read More

What Does Workers’ Compensation in Davis Cover?

Workers’ compensation in Davis can save you and your business from a rather nasty lawsuit if your employee gets injured or sick while on the job, and they feel your negligence was responsible.  Workers’ compensation in Davis covers the expenses that are associated with an employee’s work-related injury or illness. This can include some immediate Read More

How to Defuse Road Rage

Road rage can be a rather damaging source of stress in your life, but what happens when the rage is not coming from you, rather the driver behind you?  Cognitive dissonance is the psychological action of justifying your actions while condemning others for doing the very same actions. Like when that terrible driver merged through Read More

How to Celebrate American Heart Month

The best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is the gift of a healthy heart. February marks American Heart Month and is a great time to make small changes that can have a huge effect on your health.  February is American Heart Month and a great month to make small changes with big, positive Read More