3 Myths About Flood Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Many people think their homeowners insurance policy will cover them in the case of a flood when in fact the only way to protect against a flood is to have flood insurance in Sacramento, CA.

If your home is damaged in a flood, are you covered? That depends on the value of your home, the level of water damage, and whether or not you have flood insurance. A standard homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage. And policies through National Flood Insurance Programs have a limit of $250,000, which may not be enough to cover you—depending on the extent of the damage. Before you are caught having to hold your breath about coverage, know the difference between fact and myth when it comes to flood insurance in Sacramento, CA.
Myth 1: “You must live in a flood plain.”
False. While it’s true that your mortgage company will require you to purchase flood insurance if you live in a flood plain, you can—and should—still buy it regardless of where you live. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you live further from a high-risk area. Be sure to plan ahead because a 30-day waiting period awaits you when you purchase your policy.
Myth 2: “Homeowners insurance covers flood damage.”
False. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage that is caused by a flood. It also doesn’t cover damage caused by earthquakes.
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