4 Reasons You Should Update Your Homeowners Insurance

4 Reasons You Should Update Your Homeowners InsuranceUpdate your homeowners insurance policy for your summer plans.

Summer means it’s time for pool parties, BBQs, and family get-togethers. Many people like to upgrade their decks or pools or patios, as they see the value in the outdoors and want to make their experience the very best. It’s important to remember to insure everything you hold dear, and especially important when you replace or upgrade those things. You should review your homeowners insurance policy if you meet any of these 4 reasons.

  1. Your outdoor property has seen better days. If your backyard and patio actually pose a bigger threat to human life than they do fun, you may find yourself in financial trouble if someone injures themselves on your property.
  1. You’ve made nice improvements. If you’ve recently added a pool, hot tub, deck, patio, gazebo, etc., to your backyard check to see if it’s included in your policy.
  1. Your coverage isn’t enough. In the event someone is injured on your property and you face a lawsuit (you should most likely never invite them to your house again), are you going to have enough to cover you? Before this happens you should know how much liability insurance you should have.
  1. Your gut is telling you to buy an update. If your gut instinct is telling you that your present coverage will not be enough in case disaster strikes, it’s probably time to review and update your policy. Umbrella policies are a great way to cover everything and anything.

Updating your homeowners policy will save you a giant headache and may even save you thousands of dollars. To secure your outdoor entertainment this summer and help updating your homeowners insurance policy, contact the insurance professionals at Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis, CA.