3 Tips for Your Dog to Live in Your Apartment

3 Tips for Your Dog to Live in Your ApartmentJust because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t own a dog–it does mean, however, you need to responsible.

Many families have turned to smaller places to live save money thanks to the downturn of the housing market. As far as roommates go, dogs seem to me one of the most agreeable cohabitants for many people–they don’t steal your groceries, don’t borrow clothes, and are somehow still less hairy than your college roommate. Plus, they’re a constant source of companionship and love. Living in an apartment is possible with a dog, given a few months of planning and foresight. Here are some things you need to consider when adopting a dog into your small apartment.

  1. Be realistic. You may love Labradors, German Shepherds, and Huskies, but these dogs are very high energy and will likely struggle being confined into a small space which may cause stress and psychological problems. You have to research low energy dogs and only consider smaller dogs better suited for apartment life. Remember that these are living beings for which you are responsible, they are not your play thing.
  2. Devote daily time to your dog. A dog needs daily exercise, and it depends on you to get it. A daily walk is an absolute necessity–even in the rain or snow–especially if you are confining your dog to a small space.
  3. House training is a must. Many people assume that because their dogs are small, they don’t need training outside of potty training. This is not only detrimental to you and your dog’s relationship, but it’s awful news to your neighbors who may want to sleep. Because some people have neglected training, the dog doesn’t know the command to stop barking.

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