Apply The Brake to Your Road Rage

Curb your road rage to slash your Sacramento, CA auto insurance.Aggressive Drivers & Auto Insurance Sacramento CA

You may recognize an aggressive driver on the road, but is it possible that you are one yourself? While traffic can be infuriating at some points, excessive speeding and aggression can be considered ‘road rage’.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that the following are considered features of aggressive driving:

  • Expressing frustration and taking it out on other drivers
  • Not paying attention
  • Tailgating other cars
  • Frequent and fast lane changes
  • Running red lights

From years 2003 to 2007, it was reported that at least one of these behaviors were the result of 56 percent of fatal accidents. For those who frequently do these risky acts, auto insurance premiums almost always increase and more tragic consequences occur.
The best way to curb your road rage include:

  • Control your emotions while driving, especially when you encounter another aggressive driver.
  • Set off a few minutes earlier to allow time for delays.
  • Focus on your own driving.
  • Never tailgate or flash your lights at another driver.
  • Allow drivers to pass you if they want to.

Don’t let traffic get the best of you! Focus on enjoying your commute so that you needn’t worry about other drivers or the backed-up congestion. Finally, review your auto insurance to ensure that you are covered when and how you need it. If your road rage spins out of control and lands you in an accident, proper protection for your vehicle and yourself can aid the situation.
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