Covering Your Cost Of Repair

Working With Your Claims Adjuster
After an accident—whether it was a little fender-bender or a more serious collision—you will want your insurance coverage to step in so you can get your car back into road-worthy shape. Your insurer wants to help you get back out on the road, too, but they also need to protect their own assets. Consequently, they will often send you a claims adjuster or to an auto body shop with whom they work in order to get an accurate assessment of the damage, the value of your car, and the cost of repairs.
Fortunately, your insurer will also want to ensure that you do not get shortchanged. Consequently, they will not expect you to take the word of the adjuster as gospel. Rather, you have the opportunity to do your own independent research about the cost of repairs. By taking your vehicle to a body shop or dealership you trust, you can compare the claims adjuster’s estimate against your own independently-procured total to ensure that you will be receiving enough money to cover the cost of your repairs.
Working with an adjuster, your insurer, and your own trusted resources ensures that you are able to adequately repair your vehicle without leaving your insurance agency with an inflated repair bill.
Is your insurance agent working with you to get the coverage and the service you need to get back on the road in a minimal amount of time at a minimal cost to you? To get excellent California coverage, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Our expert team knows that filing a claim after an accident can feel daunting, and is here to walk through the process with you so that you can get back to normal. For all of your auto insurance needs in Sacramento and Davis, call us today!