Your Backyard Pool & Homeowners Insurance

Backyard Pool & Homeowners Insurance Sacramento CAUnderstanding How Your Sacramento, CA Homeowners Insurance & Backyard Pool Relate

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and you are probably getting excited about relaxing poolside over the warm summer months. You know, however, that owning a pool comes with responsibilities. You need to keep your pool maintained and chemically balanced. You need to keep yourself briefed of lifesaving techniques and ensure you have floatation devices near your pool. You also need to evaluate if your home has sufficient coverage when your pool is considered.

Do you know the link between your Sacramento, CA backyard pool and homeowners insurance? Here is an overview.

When you own a pool, you need to consider your property coverage component of your homeowners policy. Ensure that it extends to your pool, and that your coverage limits are set high enough to include the value of your pool and its accessories (e.g. a deck or slide). That way, a falling tree will not become an expense that puts your pool out of commission.
You should also take a look at your liability coverage contained in your homeowners insurance. Because having a pool increases the likelihood someone could get injured on your property, it is a good idea to talk with your insurance agent to ensure you have sufficient liability insurance. This will ensure that no slip by the pool or bonked head while playing in the water results in a lawsuit your family is unable to weather.
If you would like to talk to an insurance expert who can ensure that your homeowners insurance coverage is sufficient, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We serve families in Davis, Sacramento, and across California who own homes with pools and are consequently very familiar with the level of protection you need. So you can enjoy your pool stress-free this summer, call us today!