Being Self-Employed & Carrying Life Insurance

Being Self-Employed & Life Insurance Davis CAWhy Self-Employed People Need Davis, CA Life Insurance

You love owning your own business. As your own boss, you get to craft the right work-life balance, control the trajectory of your professional life, and pursue your passion through your work. To protect your family should they lose the income you earn from your business, you have likely taken out life insurance. If you have decided to structure your business as a sole proprietorship, this becomes even more important.

Here is a look at what being self-employed in Davis, CA means for your life insurance needs.

No matter how you are employed, life insurance is important for your family. Not only will it help cover end of life costs like funeral expenses and medical bills, it can also help replace your income. Your family will already have to be emotionally adjusting to life without you, why would you force them to go through the difficult transition of financially adjusting to life without your paycheck? Clearly, life insurance matters for anyone who is earning a paycheck.
If, however, you own your own business, the need for this type of coverage becomes even direr. As the sole proprietor of your business, your estate could end up with all of the financial obligations of your business. The good news is that life insurance coverage can step in to buffer your loved ones from any outstanding business debts you may have. Give your family the ability to cover your business’s loans, leases, payments, taxes, and more with life insurance.
As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Why not let a team of dedicated agents ensure you insurance needs are handled? To get the pros on your side, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California area, we are committed to helping you get the right life insurance policy to protect your loved ones.