What Can Affect the Premium of Your Auto Insurance?

What Can Affect the Premium of Your Auto Insurance in sacramento?

When it comes to auto insurance in Sacramento, there are plenty of factors that can have an effect on your premium.

Ever wonder how auto insurance companies determine your premium? Your initial thought may be, “They are just out to get me!” But their method has less to do with personal matters and more to do with statistical mathematics. Auto insurance in Sacramento looks at your car’s make and model, zip code, and driving history in order to come to a conclusion about your risk factor. Are you a high-risk driver or a low-risk driver? Here is a more detailed look at how these three variables can affect your auto insurance premium.

  1. Car Make & Model
    Your car make and model has a pretty big say in your premium. There are some cars that have certain safety features that others lack. The increased safety features decrease your chances of submitting an injury claim. Thus, the better safety rating your car has, the lower your premium.
  2. Zip Code
    Every zip code has a crime rate number. So if you move to another zip code and the crime rate changes, you should expect your premium to change as well, even if it is just down the road.
  3. Driving History
    “History tends to repeat itself.” If this aphorism holds any truth, then auto insurance companies are wise to check our driving record. If your driving record is squeaky clean, you are a low-risk driver and your premium will reflect that. A dirty driving record puts you in the high-risk category and you must pay a higher premium because your chances of getting into an accident and submitting a claim are high.

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