How Can I Qualify for a Discount on My Auto Insurance in Davis, CA?

Here are the top three threats to your small business and why you need a quality policy of business insurance in Davis, CA.

If you’re a good driver, and can prove it, you could be entitled to a discount on your auto insurance in Davis, CA.

Maintaining a pure driving record will turn into more than just bragging right among your friends. It can actually shine like the Bat Signal to your insurance company and tell them that you’re qualified for a discount on your auto insurance. Additionally, because you are seen as a low-risk customer, your premium will be even lower than you’d ever expect. Here is what you can do to qualify as a good driver in the eyes of your insurance company, and land a great discount on your auto insurance in Davis, CA.
Good Driver Discounts
When determining if you qualify for a good driver discount, it’s important to remember that each insurance company is different and have different policies for these discounts. Some insurance companies gauge safe driving discounts on driving records over a period of time. Usually, 3 years is how far back they go to determine if you’re a “good” driver. Other companies offer discounts for every year you avoid an at-fault accident or moving violation.
Qualifying for Good Driver Discounts
To qualify for a good driver discount, it usually means two things:

  • Avoiding at-fault collisions.
  • Having a clean driving record free of moving violations like speeding, reckless driving, and DUI/DWI.

Again, you have to remember that each company has different criteria for what qualifies as a good driver. You may qualify for one aspect with one company while not meeting another company’s criteria.
Being a good driver will always pay off in the end, and you’ll be thankful you didn’t speed to beat that yellow light. At Purves and Associates Insurance Services, you receive the auto insurance coverage to meet your needs! Contact our team in Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California are to get started.