Carpooling: Doing More Than Saving You Money

Carpooling: Doing More Than Saving You MoneyCarpooling saves us money, time, and the future of our planet.

Assuming you’re still using a gas-powered car, carpooling is able to save you time, gas, and the planet. The average cost for every mile you drive is about 20 cents. Carpooling allows you to divide that cost with your passengers saving you money. Many cities have now constructed an extra lane to allow those that are carpooling to drive through traffic saving you time. Here are 5 reasons you should carpool that will have a direct positive effect on you.

  1. Safer roads

Ever drive late at night and notice how little cars there are, making you feel safer? By carpooling the number of cars on the road decreases and, in turn, makes the roads safer. When there’s less congestion, there’s less stress, less chance of a nasty fender bender.

  1. Convenience

Stop-and-go traffic is a major headache that causes you to lose your cool and your mind. If you carpool you’re able to use the commuter lanes, which are generally faster than that headache-inducing traffic.

  1. Having a friend

Having another person in the car with you can help you deal with stress. Plus, they’re a great way to know your coworkers, neighbors, and roommates.

  1. Saving the planet

Carpooling means fewer exhaust pipes spewing carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, which reduces our incredibly high carbon footprint. DOT reports that in 100 percent of official reports the surrounding air quality greatly improved due to the HOV lanes implemented for carpoolers.

  1. Low-mileage savings

Some insurance companies offer discounts for the fewer miles you drive as they see this as you being less of a risk to insure.
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