Why You Should Carry an Umbrella Insurance Policy in Davis, CA

Why You Should Carry an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Umbrella insurance policies may be the most important coverage you don’t have.

It’s impossible to predict whether or you not you will lose a lawsuit that resulted from a car accident or an accident on your property. It’s also not possible to predict that amount of damages that might be awarded to the winning party, the amount that you would be responsible for paying. To ensure that you are covered in an unfortunate accident and unforeseen financial loss, an umbrella insurance policy may be what you need.
Umbrella Insurance Policy
An umbrella insurance policy protects your existing personal assets against losing a lawsuit involving a collision or an accident on your property. Umbrella insurance policies typically offer $1 million or $2 million worth of coverage. You may be thinking that only rich people require this much coverage, but you’ll be surprised to know that people in the middle class are the ones that make claims with their umbrella insurance make up the majority of the claims.
Why You Need It
An umbrella insurance claim offers coverage over your auto and home insurance policies and covers them when a storm is brewing. If you are involved in a car accident, or someone comes to harm in your home, your liability insurance may simply not be enough to cover everything. With this coverage, you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to a lawsuit and/or medical bills that you’ll have to cover.
Having the necessary protection for those rainy days in life is important to keep you financially stable. This means that having the right umbrella insurance policy is of the utmost importance, especially when disaster can be hiding around the next corner. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your insurance needs in Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding California areas.