Does Your Business Offer Benefits to Suit Millennials?

Find out how your business can offer benefits that attract millennials. With many baby boomers at retirement age, it is important for businesses to appeal to younger workers.  However, the same benefits package that worked for older employees may not be as appealing to millennials.  Read on and consider offering these benefits that attract millennials. Read More

Liability Coverage for the Acts of Your Volunteers

Your volunteers may not be on your payroll, but that doesn’t exempt them from committing acts of liability against your business. Volunteers in Sacramento, CA are the lifeblood of many nonprofits, but the actions of these volunteers can leave the organization with devastating liability. While the law may provide some defense for the acts of Read More

Liability for Your Nonprofit Organization?

Nonprofit organizations and their volunteers work together on just causes, but who is in charge when the word “liability” pops up?  A parent focuses their attention on a phone call when their child is in a crowded swimming pool; a driver makes the decision to try and make a yellow light with a sudden burst of Read More

A Good Step on Health Care Reform Reform

The US Senate voted to repeal a particularly bad piece of the Health Care Law today on an 81-17 vote.  81-17 is significant not only because of how overwhelmingly it passed, but because you simply cannot reach that number without bipartisan support. What part of the law was repealed? The specific piece repealed was a Read More

Update on PPACA Non-Discrimination

Key Federal agencies have decided that the new Affordable Care Act group health nondiscrimination rules are too complicated for taxpayers to apply without regulatory guidance.   Taxpayers can wait to comply with the rules until the agencies come out with regulations or some other type of guidance, officials at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) say Read More

The Unhealthy Bill

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve heard that the big Health Care bill was passed on Sunday.  I’ve already posted my opposition to the bill and the results of my trip to Washington, DC earlier this month.  I’m disappointed in the passage of the bill for a lot of reasons, but will use this space to Read More