Commercial Auto Insurance: What Does It Cover?

If your business uses vehicles in order to transport your goods and services, you need commercial auto insurance to protect your motorized vehicles. 

Whether you own an entire fleet of vehicles that you use to transport your goods and services from coast to coast, or simply drive your own personal car to meetings just down the road, you need commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicles during a business-related trip. If you own business vehicles, here is what you need to know about commercial auto insurance and what it covers.
What is commercial auto insurance?
Commercial auto insurance in Sacramento is a policy that protects your business-related vehicles for physical damage and liability coverage for business-related incidents which are not covered under your personal auto insurance. Under these accidents, it is not the driver’s liability, even if it was you or your employee who caused the accident. The entity liable is your business.
What does commercial auto insurance in Sacramento cover?
Bodily injury liability – Pays for bodily injury expenses resulting from an accident in which your business is found liable.
Property damage liability – Provides your business if your vehicle damages property, and also provides legal defense in most cases.
Personal injury coverage – Pays for the medical expenses to the driver and their passengers who were inside of your business vehicle, regardless of fault.
Uninsured / underinsured coverage – Pays for injuries incurred by the accident if the other driver caused the accident and does not have sufficient coverage to pay for the damages.
Comprehensive physical damage coverage – Pays for damages to your car that are non-traffic related like damge by other object or theft.
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