Common Car Seat Questions

Common Car Seat Questions - Purves & Associates | Auto Insurance in Sacramento, CAAs a parent, you likely have a lot of questions regarding auto insurance in Sacramento, CA and your baby’s car seat.

New parents often find that parenthood is incredibly overwhelming as they are washed over with new responsibilities and tasks. The car seat is typically a source of worry because parents want to be sure that their baby will be safe should they get into a traffic accident. If you find yourself worrying about the car seat, don’t worry, it’s you along with all the other parents. Here are common car seat questions that many parents have and the answers they are looking for.

  1. Where is the safest place to install the car seat?

The safest place to install a car seat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is the middle backseat. Use the LATCH (Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children) to securely attach your car seat securely.

  1. How do I know my child is secure?

It’s important that the straps on your child fit properly. You can check this by doing a pinch test. Pinch the straps at the shoulder, if you can gather material, that’s a strong indication your child is not secure and should be tightened.

  1. How long can I keep a car seat?

Everything in the universe will eventually end, and so will your car seat–only on a much smaller time scale. Car seats expire, so it’s important to check the car seat expiration date that’s located on the side or back of the car seat.
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