What is Your Home Insurance Missing?

Did you know your Sacramento homeowners insurance may not cover these costs?Costs not Covered by Home Insurance Anaheim

When you buy a home insurance policy, you do so in order to protect your home against disasters. Unfortunately, all too many people assume that policy is a catch-all for whatever life throws their way, when, in fact, it’s designed to specifically protect against certain catastrophes but excludes protection for others. Understanding coverage for your house is important, so we want to highlight these three costs not covered by Sacramento home insurance.

  • Floods: Most home insurance policies won’t protect you against flood damages. In fact, you should read your policy carefully to understand exactly what kinds of water damage are covered (e.g. if a pipe bursts due to your negligent maintenance, you’re not covered). Fortunately, you can buy a separate flood insurance policy to protect you against the coming El Niño and throughout the year!
  • Earthquakes: This common California danger isn’t covered by home insurance; you’ll need a separate policy to have a firm foundation when the ground starts to shake in your area.
  • Upgrades Required By Law: It’s not uncommon for new laws and ordinances to dictate that homes built or rebuilt in 2015 have to be fitted with different materials than we used even a few years ago. If these materials are more expensive than your existing home materials, your home insurance policy won’t cover the difference to comply with the law. You can, however, buy ordinance or law coverage to make up the gap.

Is your insurance provider alerting you to areas in which you may additional coverage to be fully protected? For that kind of services and policy solutions to all of your exposures, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services in California. We’re here to supplement your Sacramento home insurance with the other protections you need to you can rest easy no matter what life brings.