Creating A Business Preparedness Plan

Creating a Business Preparedness PlanYour Guide To Creating A Business Preparedness Plan

Business owners know that they need to prepare for the worst even as they hope for the best. Consequently, you have probably added a little slush to your budget, stocked some extra inventory, and have put at least a bit of thought towards how your business would recover after a natural disaster or fire.

To help you on that last point, we would like to offer this guide to creating a business preparedness plan.

  • Develop A Program: Create a committee or department to develop and maintain your plan. Make sure they are advised of any regulations (e.g. OSHA requirements) that will affect their planning.
  • Develop The Plan: Once you have your team assembled, they should gather information about your business’s exposures to hazards and risks. With that data, conduct a business impact analysis to calculate how much a disruption would affect your business, and develop a mitigation plan to minimize loss.
  • Implement The Plan: Make sure that your entire staff is apprised of the plan so they can know how to best protect themselves, others, and your business in the face of an emergency. Outline crisis communications, data protection, and emergency response with your staff.
  • Test The Plan: Run exercises based on your plan to ensure your employees understand how to execute it. This will allow you to ensure the plan is effective.
  • Improve The Plan: As time progresses, your business preparedness plan should, too. Any time you need to call on your plan, evaluate it afterwards and continually work to improve it.

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