Insuring Your Holiday Party to the Fullest

Davis Event Insurance for Holiday Parties

As you prepare to mail out the invitations to your holiday party, it is imperative that you consider the insurance implications of your festivities. Whether you will be having your party at home or at an off-site location, it is always a good idea to obtain event liability insurance. This vital form of insurance will allow you to enjoy your party with nothing but peace of mind.
While you may think that you do not need insurance to protect your party because all partygoers are comprised of responsible adults, accidents are inevitable and can lead to grave disaster without the proper form of protection in place.
When you obtain event liability insurance, you allow yourself to enjoy your party without a worry in the world. Since there will likely be alcohol consumption at your holiday party, possibilities of an accident occurring become heightened. Whether you decide to hire a bartender to serve drinks or not, you will need insurance protection. If you have hired a bartender, you need to obtain liquor liability insurance or a rider to your homeowners’ insurance policy for optimal security. In the event that someone chooses to drive intoxicated, causes an accident, and sues you for serving the alcohol, your insurance policy will kick in to provide you with protection. Through this policy, defense and damage costs will be covered.
We want to take the burden of insurance off of your plate so that you can thoroughly enjoy your holiday party. Event liability insurance can provide you with the ability to dance the night away without a worry in the world!
Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your California event insurance needs. Whether you are hosting a holiday party, your child’s Sweet Sixteen, or a birthday party for your spouse, you need this vital form of protection.