How a personalized IT consultant insurance policy will keep you covered

Davis IT Consultant Insurance
As an IT consultant, you are exposed to unique risks and vulnerabilities. In order to protect your assets, you must have a comprehensive IT consultant insurance policy that is personalized to meet your exclusive needs as an IT consultant. There are a variety of coverage options you must consider, including:

  • Professional Liability IT Consultant Insurance: This insurance policy will provide you with coverage against a variety of things, including faulty backups and dissatisfied clients. Faulty backup liability coverage will protect you from damaging claims if there is a problem backing up a client’s data. Clients who lose all of their personal data through a faulty backup will not be happy. That is why you need professional liability coverage.
  • General Liability IT Consultant Insurance: This insurance policy will provide you with bodily injury and property damage coverage. The job of an IT consultant involves electrical work, meaning there is always the potential for an electrical issue. In the event that your work causes a house fire in a client’s home, you will receive coverage through this vital insurance policy. Without this insurance policy, you will likely be presented with a hefty lawsuit.
  • Business Owner IT Consultant Insurance: Without your special equipment, you are unable to perform your job. In the event of a fire, theft and other types of losses, our policy will replace your damaged property, pay for the loss of revenues that resulted from the loss, and even pay the extra expenses you incur to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis for all of your California IT consultant insurance needs. We understand the unique risks and exposures of IT consultants and are experienced in safeguarding the assets of IT consultants. Allow us to provide you with the protection you deserve.