Security With Photographers Insurance

Davis Photographers Insurance

As a photographer, your job entails providing individuals and families with captured images of their most important memories. Whether you have just been hired to capture every moment of a couple’s wedding day or to take portraits of a family in your studio, there are far too many things that can go wrong to remain unprotected. While many aspects of your profession are in your control, there are vulnerabilities that must be eliminated in order to receive peace of mind.

If someone were to become injured at your studio while taking his or her family holiday photos, you would be held liable if you did not have a general liability insurance policy. Likewise, any hired staff that becomes injured at a job site could leave you with a hefty liability claim if you did not have the proper insurance. Imagine the ruin your photography business would experience if a model was seriously injured and you did not have the proper insurance protection to remediate the situation.

Additionally, as a photographer, there is not much you can do without your camera in hand. Therefore, it is important that you insure your high value camera so that your business does not suffer from a loss. Despite common belief, adding scheduled personal property coverage to your homeowners’ insurance policy will not suffice in providing you with coverage. This is because any business related claims would be rejected. In order to feel confident in the security of your photography business, you must obtain a separate business photographers insurance policy for optimal protection. This policy can be customized to meet your exclusive needs.

Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your California photographer insurance needs. We will go above and beyond to customize a photographer’s insurance policy that maximizes security for your biggest investment, allowing you to capture memories with nothing but peace of mind.