How to Defuse Road Rage

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Road rage can be a rather damaging source of stress in your life, but what happens when the rage is not coming from you, rather the driver behind you? 

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological action of justifying your actions while condemning others for doing the very same actions.
Like when that terrible driver merged through the lanes and cut you off just to make their exit! Reckless!
Think you’re above cognitive dissonance? Think again: Remember when you were about to miss your exit and, quickly, you merged through the lanes and cut someone else off? Of course, you justified your actions. You probably said something like, “I’ve never been through this part of town,” or “I’m running late!” That’s textbook cognitive dissonance at work. Everyone does it, and understanding that is the first step in dealing with the road rage of others. Additionally, how can road rage affect your auto insurance in Sacramento, CA?

Avoid Any Provocative Gestures

When someone cuts us off, our first instinct is probably to honk, flash them with the high beams, or give them a certain bird. The saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” is a philosophy you should not follow. Giving them the bird may feel good at the time, but it will only make the situation worse.
Stay on the high road and forgive them. You will feel better for not overreacting and you may avoid a nasty situation.

Don’t Make Eye Contact

If a driver offends you with their driving, avoid making eye contact. Many angry drivers (who probably haven’t read about cognitive dissonance) operate on feelings of anger or frustration and perceive any challenge to their “superiority” as a threat–and eye contact is one of the big ones. Keep your eyes on the road if you know you have accidentally triggered a road rage driver.
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