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dental insurance


Dental Insurance is one of the most often requested benefits by employees and a great way of keeping those employees healthy and happy. For small employers, dental insurance is an inexpensive benefit to add alongside the group medical plan. Some employers are large enough to consider self-funding their dental expenses with the help of a Third Party Administrator. Whatever the size of your business, we can help you find the plan that fits your budget but also offers access to high quality networks of dentists in your area.



Vision Plans provide coverage for both office visits and for the actual lenses and frames. Plans can be designed to offer new glasses or contacts on an annual or bi-annual basis, and most plans with cost around $15/month for an employee. Vision plans are one of the benefits that employees regularly request because anyone who wears glasses understand how expensive they can be and how easy they are to lose or break. Most optometrists participate in the major networks, too, which means that your employees will usually be able to use their own optometrist.