Dividing Up Housework Fairly

Dividing Up Housework FairlyChores are what keep a place from looking like a pigsty, but doing all of the chores can become draining and tiresome, so it’s important to divide the housework up fairly.

Times have changed; while there is nothing wrong with the old division of labor (i.e. the man working full-time outside of the home and the woman taking care of the home), many women now work and are, for some reason, still expected to take care of the housework. It’s important, however, to talk to your partner about household chores so that everything is shared: from the good to the bad. Here are some things to consider when dividing up housework fairly.
Be Fair
After making the list of chores, it’s up to the both of you to divide it fairly. How many work hours are you both putting in? Are any of you still in school? These time commitments need to be taken into consideration so that you both are laboring about the same.
Hang Up the Chart
After the both of you have spoken about how you will be dividing the labor that will work, it’s recommended creating a monthly chart and displaying it on the refrigerator or bulletin board. When you have completed your task, check it off, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll know that you’ve done your share that day to keep your house looking like responsible adults live in there and keep the arguments to a minimum.
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