Driving In The Rain: Tips & Auto Insurance Considerations

Protect yourself when driving in the rain with Sacramento, CA auto insurance and these tips.Driving in Rain & Auto Insurance Sacramento CA

Years into our drought, rain might seem like a foreign concept. In fact, though, experts are saying that this year’s El Niño will be one of the wettest in recent memory! Are you ready?
Stay safe when driving in rain by using these tried-and-true tips and carrying the right Sacramento, CA auto insurance policy.

  • Take it slow. The majority of rain-related accidents occur because people don’t adjust their driving behaviors with the weather. Know that the rain means decreased traction and decreased visibility, and drop your odometer accordingly.
  • Move to the middle of the freeway or highway. Generally, rain water will pool on the shoulders on both sides of the middle, so the middle lanes are the safest and least wet.
  • Use your accelerator to brake. In other words, instead of immediately switching to the brake when you need to decrease speed, let off your accelerator and let your car slow naturally when you can. This will prevent skidding out.
  • Turn on your headlights. In the rain, the more warning you can give an oncoming car, the easier it will be to avoid each other.
  • When driving near pedestrians (e.g. at an intersection), drive slowly to avoid splashing them when your car drives through the puddles that have accumulated near where they’ll be standing.

Even despite your very best efforts, a sudden downpour can turn the road into a dangerous place. Do you have the Sacramento, CA auto insurance you need to weather it unscathed financially? For all of your car coverage needs in Davis, Sacramento, and throughout California, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We’re here to make sure a rainstorm never puts a dark cloud over your family’s financial well-being.