Earthquake Insurance in Northern California

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You’ve seen the pictures of the massive damage caused in Haiti by an earthquake.  Then Chile.  The Samoa.  Then Indonesia.  And then a week ago it was a just few miles south of the border, making Californians.  For those of us who’ve been in the Golden State for a while, this one was too close for comfort.  After the Easter Sunday 2010 earthquake, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said, “Sunday’s earthquake reminded millions of Californians that our state is home to many devastating natural disasters.  Because earthquakes can strike at any time without warning, it is vital for homeowners to prepare now for the possibility of a catastrophic loss. I urge every consumer to evaluate their individual need for earthquake insurance, and to regularly inventory their belongings to make sure their existing homeowners coverage is adequate.”

Earthquake Insurance is NOT covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance policy unless you specifically add the coverage.  Your carrier is required to offer it to you every other year at renewal time, but they do not have to add it in the interim.  There are insurance carriers that sell a stand-alone policy, and if you change carriers today the new carrier will have to offer it. 

Earthquake insurance is fairly expensive, and the deductibles are high, usually 15-25% of your Dwelling coverage amount.  But when the big one comes, and it is coming, you will be glad you have it.  Call us today at (800) 681-2025 to find out how to add earthquake insurance to your existing policy, or to find a new carrier that will cover you today.

Purves Insurance is located in Davis, CA and we don’t like earthquakes, either.