Is Your Insurance Coverage Ready For The Next Big One?

Earthquake Insurance Sacramento CA & The Big One

Sacramento, CA earthquake insurance can provide the coverage you need when the ground starts shaking.

With its year round warm temperatures and sunny skies, California is the best place to live in the entire world, and that’s our unbiased, professional opinion. Unfortunately, living in California also comes with the risk of experiencing an earthquake. The “big one” is expected to hit in the next few years, as we’ve been warned for many, many years.  When it does finally hit, investing in the right Sacramento, CA earthquake insurance policy will prove to be a good investment.
If you are relying on your current homeowners insurance to provide coverage when the ground starts shaking, you are in trouble. Your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for many perils, but it will not provide any protection for damage caused by an earthquake. You will need to invest in a specific earthquake insurance policy to get the coverage that you need.
The cost of your earthquake insurance policy will depend on many factors, including where you live and what type of house you have. Retrofitting your house to survive an earthquake can help to lower your insurance costs while also keeping you better protected. Keep in mind that retrofitting your house for the next earthquake does not mean that you can skip out on coverage since your house is still vulnerable to damage.
Here are some other steps you should take to make sure that you are ready for the big one, including:

  • Update your home inventory. An up-to-date home inventory can help to make sure you get the payout that you deserve after a claim, even quakes.
  • Pack an emergency kit and make sure everyone knows where it is. Having the supplies that you need to survive and stay comfortable can help lessen your stress during the days following a quake.

To find the right earthquake insurance in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas, contact the insurance professionals at Purves & Associates in Davis.