Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Earthquake Preparedness TipsEarthquakes are terrifying natural disasters that put your life at risk, so it’s important you know earthquake preparedness safety tips.

An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth’s crust caused by the shifting of the tectonic plates which make up the surface of the planet. There is no detection system, meaning they come without warning, and they can occur at any time of the year, day, or night. 45 states lie in moderate to extremely high risk of earthquakes, and they are located in every region of the nation. Looking back at geological records, geologists and seismologists can see patterns of major earthquakes and know that we’re due for the next big one. Of course, geologically speaking, the next big one could happen tomorrow or in 10,000 years–a blink of an eye in geological timescales. Their unexpectedness is what makes them so dangerous, so here are some earthquake preparedness plans you should know so it doesn’t catch you unawares.
What to do during an earthquake:
If you’re inside when the shaking starts . . .

  • Drop, cover, and hold on. Move as little as possible.
  • If you are in bed, stay there, curl up, and protect your head with your pillow.
  • Stay away from windows as the reverberations can cause glass to shatter.
  • Be aware that fire alarms and sprinklers go off during an earthquake even if there is no fire present.

If you’re outside when the shaking starts . . .

  • Find a clear spot away from buildings, power lines, trees, street lights, etc. and drop to the ground. Stay there until the shaking stops.
  • If you are in a vehicle, pull over to a clear stop. Avoid bridges and overpasses.
  • If you’re near a mountain or slope, be aware of falling rocks. Mountains may seem sturdy to us, but are like sand to an earthquake.

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