What El Niño Means For Your Flood Insurance Needs

El Nino and Flood Insurance Sacramento CADo you have the flood insurance you need for El Niño?      

If you’ve been living in California for a number of years, you probably remember 1997. During the end of that year, Southern California was slammed with serious storms brought by El Niño. Orange County got more than seven inches of rain in a single day. Mudslides and floods ravaged the state.
Today, the picture is very different. Years into our California drought, the thought of heavy rain seems a welcome one. That thought could become a reality, too, as thousands of tiny tuna crabs have washed ashore across the beaches of Southern California. The last time this happened was (you guessed it) in 1997.
What does this mean for California, a state in desperate need of water but also deeply unprepared for heavy storms? Likely, it means we will get the rainfall we’ve been craving, but that increased precipitation will bring flooding, too.
Because flooding has been rare in California, many homeowners have likely not thought much about their flood insurance. In fact, many assume that their homeowners insurance offers coverage for floods. Unfortunately, that is not the case. To protect your home, your family, and your personal property in the face of the heavy flooding experts are predicting El Niño will bring, you need a separate flood insurance policy.
Have you thought about your family’s flood insurance needs? To make sure you’re anchored in the face of El Niño’s rainfall, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We have been watching the changing weather patterns so that we can get you the coverage you need to be prepared for a wet winter. For flood insurance in Davis, Sacramento, and the neighboring California cities, call us today!