Are You Aware Of The Electrical Dangers In Your Home?

Electrical Dangers in your HomeYour Guide To The Electrical Dangers In Your Home

Electricity has transformed the modern world, but it has also brought danger into our home. Each year, over 53,000 home fires are caused by electrical danger. Whether your home was built in the early 1900s or just last year, it is still important for you to know the electrical hazards that could put your home at risk.

In an effort to help with home protection and fire prevention, we want to offer this quick overview to the electrical dangers of your home.

  • Lightbulbs: Never use a lightbulb that has more wattage than is recommended for that specific fixture. Using a bulb with too much wattage can cause it to dangerously overheat.
  • Outlets/Switches: If you notice that any outlets or switches do not work in your home, figure out why. It could be faulty wiring, which is a fire hazard. Also, replace any worn cover plates that could be exposing your family to the wiring underneath.
  • Cords: Periodically, walk through your house and check the cords on all of your fixtures and appliances. Make sure that they are not worn or cracked and that they are out of walkways. Also, remember that extension cords should only be used temporarily. Install extra outlets if you need a closer power source.
  • Appliances: Check that all of your appliances are plugged into a properly-functioning ground fault circuit interrupter. Not sure? Call your electrician and ask. Get your family in the habit of unplugging appliances that do not need to run continuously to lessen the fire hazard in your home.

Should an electrical fire break out in your home, would your existing homeowners insurance be sufficient to cover the damages and ensure your family’s comfort does not go up in smoke? For the right policy to protect your house, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We are here to safeguard homeowners in Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California area.