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How to Enjoy a More Relaxing Commute
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How to Enjoy a More Relaxing Commute

Instead of raging throughout your entire commute, which ruins your entire day, learn how to enjoy a more relaxing commute. 

Commuting is the bane of everyone’s existence: traffic jams, awful drivers, and wasted hours all add up to the perfect nightmare. It is one of the things that is universally loathed. It’s not just a miserable experience, a long commute has been linked to various negative health outcomes, like high stress levels, unhealthy weight, poor sleep, and even a shorter life. (One must wonder why people still put themselves through that torture?) But it doesn’t have to be the worst. You can make your commute a bit less stressful and maybe reduce the number of years being taken from your life with these tips on how to enjoy a more relaxing commute.

  1. Make Podcasts Your Best Friend
    You can’t do anything about the traffic, but you can control what you listen to. Find a few podcasts that interest you and listen to them on your commute. Podcasts vary widely from comedy to story-telling, to sports and politics (though, you may want to stray from politics because we want to relax, not get angry about amoral social injustices). We recommend listening to Dear Hank & John, Freakonomics, NPR, Star Talk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, The Bill Simmons Podcast!
  2. Don’t Take Things Personally
    It’s always humbling to put things in perspective. A good method and phrase to remember goes thusly, “you are not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.” Knowing that everyone is stuck in the same situation as you can help calm you down because you know that your suffering is a shared experience, not just exclusive to you.

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