Before You Book Your Venue

What To Ask Before Nailing Down Your Venue
Whether you are planning an intimate cocktail party or a large-scale, all-day event, your venue will serves as the canvas across which your festivities get painted. Consequently, choosing the right location out of your options of venues is a crucial first step when holding events. To help you nail down the best possible location for your upcoming special event, ask these questions about your venue.

  • Can We All Fit? When you are booking your venue, you likely will not have your RSVP list completely finalized. To ensure you do not end up squeezing people in the corners, opt for a venue that will offer you a little wiggle room size-wise.
  • Can It Fit My Budget? Your venue booking will likely be one of the biggest ticket items of your event, but that does not mean you should assume you can make room in other areas to cover the cost. Make sure you have a complete idea of your budget, including décor, invitations, food and drink, entertainment, photography, and more, before booking your venue to ensure the price works with your event.
  • Can It Fit My Vision? If you are hoping to throw a Moroccan event but the venue requires you to use their Italian catering company, that place might not be a fit. Make sure you understand the regulations attached to that specific venue before you book it.

Even with all of the planning that will go into creating your event, you will unfortunately not have control over every detail of what happens that day. So you can fully relax and enjoy the fruits of all of your labors, carry event insurance to protect you against the unknown. To get that kind of California coverage, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services, serving Davis and Sacramento. We know how hard you have worked on your event, and are here to safeguard your efforts.