Facts & Figures On Your Auto Insurance Rates

Facts & Auto Insurance Sacramento CADid You Know These Sacramento, CA Auto Insurance Facts?

At this point, you have carried auto insurance for years, if not for decades. Has anyone taken the time to make sure you are as educated as possible about this long-term investment in your safety? You deserve to know what really makes up your coverage and affects your auto insurance rates.

So you can best know what affects your Sacramento, CA auto insurance, read these facts and figures.

  • Your Job: Good news, engineers! Insurance providers have decided you are safer drivers, and you can get discounted auto insurance rates. Other professions can also help you save on your coverage (e.g. teachers get discounts), so talk to your agent to see if your job qualifies you for any reduced rates.
  • Your Car’s History: Unfortunately, after your car has been in an accident—even if it is flawlessly repaired—its value diminishes. Fortunately, by reflecting this decreased value in your auto insurance coverage, you can save.
  • Your Memberships: Do you have AAA membership? Or are you involved with another professional organization? Talk to your insurance agent about which group memberships will spell lower premiums for you.
  • Your Other Coverage: Need coverage for your home and your car? Insure them together, and your insurer should offer you a multi-policy discount. The more policies you can have one insurer write, the more you should be able to save.
  • Your Credit: Better credit gives your insurer confidence you will pay your premiums on time and, statistically speaking, indicates you are a safer driver, helping you get lower rates.

Do you have questions about your auto insurance and how you can get the best possible rates? To talk to an expert who can ensure you have the California coverage you need at the price you deserve, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Davis and Sacramento, we are here to serve your auto insurance resource. Call us today!