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Flood Insurance: Does My Business Need It?
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Flood Insurance: Does My Business Need It?

Flood insurance in Sacramento is a policy that all businesses should have, but so few actually do–is it really that necessary to carry?

Natural disasters can be truly devastating to both residences and businesses. While most storm damages like lightning, hail, or wind are covered by commercial property insurance, it will not cover damage that results from a flood. Many falsely assume that their commercial insurance covers such damage and are met with disappointment when they realize their big mistake. If you are wondering if your business needs flood insurance in Sacramento, here are a few good reasons why that answer is a resounding YES.

Commercial insurance & flood damage. Damage from flooding, including damage done by a hurricane, is not covered under the general commercial insurance policy, or a business owners policy. In order to get coverage for flood damage, you must purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

What flood insurance covers. Damage to your building and the contents and equipment, as well. Coverage applies if the water came from an overflowing river, stream, heavy or prolonged rain, snowmelt, storm surge, broken dams/levees, or other similar causes. If the source of water comes from above, you are typically covered.

What flood insurance does not cover. Property outside of your commercial building is generally not covered. Things like landscape, septic systems, fences, and business vehicles are not covered. But your “comprehensive” policy may cover this damage.

What influences the flood insurance premium? Flood insurance premiums are determined by the chances of your business succumbing to floods and flood damage. Almost every region in the U.S. has some sort of risk, so it is always wise to check with your insurance agent to determine your risk.
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