Flu Season: Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

Avoid sickness with these cold and flu prevention tips for the coming season.Flu Season: Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

The weather might suggest otherwise, but we’re actually well into the fall season. The autumn days also mark flu season, but that fortunately doesn’t mean you and your family are doomed to get sick in the weeks ahead.
Use these cold and flu prevention tips to boost your health during flu season!

  • Improve Your Immunizations. Talk to your doctor to make sure you’re up-to-date on all your shots. If not, your immune system could waste precious energy fighting other illnesses, leaving you exposed to the flu and cold this fall. Also, ask about getting an influenza vaccine to avoid the flu altogether.
  • Wash Wisely. You’ve probably already heard this sickness prevention tip, but it’s so common because it’s so effective. Get yourself and your family in the habit of washing your hands at every opportunity and using hand sanitizer when you can’t get to a sink.
  • Dedicate Yourself To Disinfecting: To prevent the spread of illness in your own home, it’s a good idea to regularly disinfect areas that are a hot spot for bacteria. Fight viruses by wiping down your door handles, toilet seat and handles, light switches, phones, faucets, and remote controls.
  • Share Sparingly. Flu season is not the time to be generous. Stop sharing food, drinks, beauty products, and any other items that can’t be disinfected before they transfer people.

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