Tips For Maintaining Your Pearly Whites

foods that are healthy for your teeth
Foods To Indulge On For Healthy Teeth
As we grow older, we often start forgetting the importance of maintaining our teeth health. To ensure that you can maintain your healthy teeth, it is important that you indulge on the right foods. Often, we fail to realize that our diets have an effect on much more than our weight. Indulge on these foods that are healthy for your teeth so that you can maintain your pearly whites for as long as possible:

  • Foods that are most impactful on your teeth health include chicken, meats, nuts, milk, and cheese. With enamel protecting abilities, these delicious and nutritious foods have the ability to remineralize your teeth.
  • Crunchy and firm fruits and veggies such as pears, apples, and carrots are extremely beneficial for your teeth health. The high water content of these fruits and veggies dilutes the sugar effects of the natural food items, helping to protect your teeth against decay.
  • When eating acidic foods such as lemons and tomatoes, it is best to eat them in combination with other items as to reduce the acidic impact on your teeth. For example, having lemon infused water or a salad with tomatoes can help reduce the harmful effects on your teeth.
  • Unsweetened tea, milk, and water are the best beverage choices for teeth health. Beverages that should be avoided include sugar-filled drinks, such as sodas, lemonade, tea, and coffee.
  • Did you know that indulging on sugarless gum could actually be extremely beneficial to your teeth? Sugarless gum allows you to dislodge food and increase your saliva flow, neutralizing mouth acids. However, it is imperative that you are indulging on sugar-free gum.

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