Garage Dangers Which Are Easy to Overlook

Garage Dangers Which Are East to Overlook

Homeowners insurance in Sacramento may protect your garage, but there are dangers which are easy to overlook when it comes to garage safety.

Garages play important roles in our everyday lives. They provide shelter for our cars and they give us a bit more storage space for those outdoor projects we love to do. But they can also be dangerous. Homeowners insurance in Sacramento can help, but it’s best to avoid these disasters. Here are a few garage dangers that are easy to overlook.

  1. Fire Hazards
    Garages are not immune to the dangers of fire, especially if your garage contains flammable substances such as paint thinner, fertilizer, pesticides, and gasoline. Store these liquids in a well-ventilated area in their original containers.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Fumes
    If your garage is attached to your home, dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide (CO) can quickly build up and sneak inside your home. CO is produced through burning fuel such as in lawn mowers, cars, or other fuel-burning equipment. Even with CO alarms in place, it is important to never leave your machines running inside of your garage.
  3. Clutter
    You don’t need to park your car outside to have a super-sized storage capacity (however, if you have two cars, you may need to park one of them outside). Separate all your items into categories and store them in space-saving cabinets or on peg boards.
  4. Security
    Garage doors provide an easy entrance point for burglars. You should never leave your garage door open when you leave the house and your garage should have a chain lock in order to keep people from simply lifting it open.

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