Gas Station Insurance Is More Than Just Business Insurance

Gas Station Insurance Is More Than Business Insurance

Your gas station is not like any other business, and that is why gas station insurance in Sacramento is not your typical business insurance. 

You may have started running a gas station and thought you knew everything you needed to know regarding its insurance policy. Property insurance for gas stations is just like property insurance for a regular business, right? Property, after all, is just property. Well, think again. Gas station insurance in Sacramento is a much more involved policy that requires specific-to-the-gas-industry types of coverage. Here are a few things you need to know about gas station insurance.

Permits and Gas Station Insurance

While not legally required, you are indirectly required to purchase gas station insurance. How’s that? There are actually quite a lot of permits you need to legally operate a gas station. To acquire these permits, you need to show that you are insured with the right kinds of gas station insurance. If your gas station sells food or has a car wash, you will need even more insurance policies. You can typically bundle all of these when you purchase gas station insurance.

Liability Concern

Gas stations need to be protected from the liability that comes from owning a gas station. Customers may get injured, ill from the fumes, or have a car that was damaged and will likely sue you, so it is good to have proper liability to meet your needs.

Environmental Impact and Regulations

Thanks to the EPA, our air, rivers, oceans, and land have been cleaner than ever since the start of the Industrial Revolution. But because we still heavily rely on fossil fuels, accidents and environmental disasters are bound to happen. Your gas station needs to be covered against spills and leaks because you will face backlash from the community.
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