Does My Startup Really Need General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance Davis CA

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

If you are thinking about starting your own business, there are wide ranges of considerations you must make. One of which is insurance. Whether you choose to open a floral shop or business corporation, you will need general liability insurance. With all the daily liability concerns, it is imperative that you seek this vital form of security.

General liability insurance provides your business’ assets with protection, while paying for any necessary obligations incurred after an incident. For example, if an individual visiting your floral shop slips and falls on a rose stem and injures him or herself, your general liability insurance policy will cover their medical costs. In the event that the injured client chooses to take legal action against your company, this vital insurance policy would provide you with legal defense coverage.

While you may be inclined to view this as an expense you can go without for the duration of your first year in business, the risks are simply not worth it. Our litigious society emphasizes the importance of focusing on prevention as opposed to recovery. If you can avoid a lawsuit by paying for the injured guests medical expenses up front, chances of a lawsuit arising will decrease immensely.

As a startup business, you will want to work hand in hand with an experienced, independent insurance agency that can customize the policy based on your exclusive needs. At Purves & Associates Insurance Services, we are experienced in providing new businesses with the protection they require to thrive. We will be your guiding hand in everything insurance as you grow as an organization and flourish.

Serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding areas, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your California business insurance needs. We can provide you with general liability insurance that maximizes security for your business.