Get Sleep During the Holidays

Get Sleep During the HolidaysGetting sleep during the holidays seems to be an impossible mission, but perhaps with these tips, it’s nothing but possible. 

Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Without it, we turn into a real Grinch and wreak havoc on the holidays. With spending time with your relatives, eating, playing games, decorating your home, and making gingerbread houses, it’s hard to find time for that much-needed sleep. Then you have to go gift shopping, and suddenly the holidays are something you loathe rather than enjoy. But if you can just manage to get the sleep you need, the holidays can be enjoyable once again. Here are a few tips on how you can get the sleep you need for the holidays.

  1. Keep Your Sleep Schedule – Our brains follow a circadian rhythm, meaning that following a schedule is important in order to keep a healthy body and mind. Try your best to follow your normal schedule during the holidays.
  2. Turn Off the Lights – In order for our brains to tell our body that it is time for bed, it needs to release melatonin. One way our brains release this is by being in darkness. Holiday lights can trick our brain into thinking it’s daylight and keep you from sleeping the necessary hours.
  3. Limit Your Snacks – Many of us see the holidays as an excuse to gorge ourselves with as little regret as possible–the regret usually hits us on January 2 when we snap out of this holiday trans. Limit your snacks and food consumption to the normal amounts to not confuse your body.

When it comes to holidays, don’t be a Grinch: get your sleep. These tips should make hitting the sack much easier than last year. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California areas for all your insurance needs.