insurance broker

The Insurance Broker’s Role

Our role has changed dramatically in the last decade, but our commitments have not: first, to provide quality and options to our groups at the optimal cost. Next, we solve the inevitable problems with claims, networks, or other carrier issues. We are committed to assisting our employer-clients through each part of the complicated regulatory environment, from communication to enrollment.

We recently launched an online platform for our clients to administer all of their plans in an extremely simple, manageable way. Our EaseCentral platform handles both Open Enrollment and ongoing administration and is provided to our clients – at no extra cost. Employees even have the ability to download our App and manage their benefits from their mobile devices. See the video below for more information:

Our Clients’ Employee Benefits

We know you care about your employees. Before the Affordable Care Act – which required businesses to provide health insurance – most small business owners provided group health and other benefits to their employees. Even when it is not required by law, most small California businesses make the financial commitment to the well-being of their employees. With that in mind, we approach our client’s complete benefits package and then evaluate coverage, cost, and breadth of the offered benefits.