Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Holiday Decorating Safety TipsBefore you decorate your home for the precious holidays, take these decorating safety tips into consideration.

‘Tis finally the season to be jolly and decorate our halls with boughs of holly. But as beautiful as some decorations are, they can be dangerous and pose a threat to you, your family, and your home. This is why it is important you understand the risks of holiday decorating so you can best prevent them from occurring. Here are a few holiday decorating safety tips you need to know before you decorate your home for the holiday season.
Decorating Safety Tips
Holiday Tree – A real pine tree can be engulfed in rampaging flames within seconds. It is recommended that you purchase a fake fireproof tree in order to eliminate the chance of a fire.
If you must purchase a real tree, remember to keep it well watered. It only takes a spark to ignite a dry pine.
Holiday Lights – Keep your holiday lights away from flammable objects like curtains, rugs, couches, and real trees. That way if an overvoltage occurs, the sparks will not ignite anything and your family and home will remain safe.
Holiday Ornaments – Curious children and pets may investigate and break glass ornaments. The shard from this fine glass may penetrate deep into feet (or paws) and cause a nasty laceration. Instead of buying glass ornaments, consider buying plastic ornaments. They are much harder to break and won’t shatter into sharp fragments. If you must hang glass ornaments, hang them high to keep them out of reach.
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