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Home insurance

Home Insurance

You worked very hard to buy a home, let us help you protect it with the right amount of coverage. Homeowner’s insurance provides protection for the home itself, but it also includes coverage for:

  • All of your personal belongings
  • Specialized coverage for jewelry, arts and collections
  • Detached garages or other structures
  • Liability protection for you and your family

As costs to build homes continue to rise, so do the costs of re-building after a fire, water or other damage. This is why our first priority is always to make sure that our client have the right coverage, including extended replacement coverage to be absolutely sure that you will always have enough protection for your home. Get a quote today and let us show you how we shop multiple carriers to find you the best rates – we can even bundle your policy with auto insurance to get the best rates possible.

buying a new home

Buying a Home?

Congratulations! We have specialized in working with home buyers since we became Lyon Real Estate’s official Insurance Partner in 2001. Since then we have helped thousands of buyers, including many first-time buyers, with the process of insuring their home. We understand that the home buying process can be stressful so we keep it simple. Our motto is “The right coverage at a competitive price”, which shows our top 2 priorities of making sure the proper coverage comes first, followed by quoting all of the carriers to get you the best price. We offer every available discount including discounts for bundling with auto insurance. Request a quote today and let us share our Homeowner’s Insurance expertise.

Combination & Umbrella Plans

Add a layer of liability coverage beyond your current home policy. Or, bundle and save on multiple combination plans altogether. Our Purves Insurance team members are standing by to help you get customized coverage unique to your needs.

How Bundling Saves

  • Save Money – Carriers generally provide steeper discounts on larger policies. That means bundling your homeowners policy along with another policy can help save you money.
  • Save Time – Using one carrier for multiple policies means one-less step when filing a claim or making a payment.
  • Plan Ahead – Ensure you’re covered in the worst-case scenario and extend the limits of a standard policy with umbrella insurance.

Do I Need This?

Every situation is unique with different contributing factors. While each insurance journey is unique, the bottom line remains the same at Purves Insurance – to provide our clients with the right insurance coverage with honest, professional advice. Our expert team will assess your situation and provide honest options to consider.

Homeowners Insurance – while California does not require homeowners insurance, most mortgage lenders will require it for the loan.

What Else Do I Need?

Additional Coverages Include:

  • Auto
  • Life
  • Umbrella
  • Flood/Earthquake
  • Motorcycle/RV/ATV/Boat
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