Is Your Home Underinsured?

homeowners insurance sacramento caEnsuring Your Most Important Investment Is Protected
As a homeowner, you have a bountiful of responsibilities on your plate. One essential duty each homeowner has but often neglects is keeping up with their homeowners’ insurance policy. Did you know that over fifty percent of homeowners are living each day underinsured and have no idea? This is extremely troubling considering all the possible disasters and perils that can occur at any given moment. We want you to be receiving the protection you deserve, which is why we have gathered a list of common homeowner situations that call for a homeowners’ insurance update:

  • Homeowners who have recently had their renovation dreams come true may be experiencing a lack of adequate coverage. Failure to report home upgrades to your homeowners’ insurance agent can leave you without sufficient coverage when you need it most. To combat this issue, simply make it a habit to schedule an annual insurance review.
  • While you may be inclined to assume that your older home requires less insurance coverage, older homes often have unique characteristics that call for extra coverage. Chances are your older home was built with higher quality materials and with top quality craftsmanship, meaning these details may need a little extra coverage for optimal protection. Make sure to discuss these unique architectural elements with your homeowners’ insurance agent.
  • Did you know that many homeowners’ insurance policies come with limits in regards to construction costs? Therefore, you can expect that higher construction costs will not be factored into your coverage. To combat this issue, simply request a total component-rebuilding estimate for an accurate evaluation.

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