Changing Your House? Change Your Coverage

Protecting Your Home Improvements

Spring is the perfect time for fresh beginnings. The warmer weather and fresh air might inspire you to break out your toolbox when you break out your spring cleaning supplies. If you are thinking about making some additions around your house, be aware that those changes to your home will also mean changes to your homeowners insurance.

Generally, if you are adding square footage, you can expect to see a fairly direct correlation between the increase in space and increase in your premiums. This is because adding square footage adds to the value of your home.

If, however, you are making changes rather than additions—such as tearing down an old garage and rebuilding a new one—the amendments necessary to your policy will differ. For example, if you are rebuilding a relatively simple structure, your premiums should not change much. If, however, you are not just rebuilding but also updating finishes and appliances, you will need extra protection to safeguard these increased valuables.

Working on home improvements could help reduce your premiums, too. If you are upgrading your electrical, plumbing, or security systems or improving your roof, your home could be better safeguarded after your changes, making it possible to reduce the cost of your coverage. The best way to determine how your changes will affect your policy is by talking with your insurance agent before you begin making them.

Fortunately, updating your coverage does not have to be a hassle. To work with a team of California insurance agents dedicated to helping you keep your coverage current so you can be best protected, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We can make updating your homeowners insurance after you update your home a snap. For all of your homeowners insurance needs in Sacramento and Davis, call our team today.